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I am a robot. Limited edition litograph.

Artist Statement

Producing art has been my constant from the time I was a young boy. My inner drive to recreate visual impressions began with the onset of an eye illness at the age of two when I lost my mother. Not having my sight for extended periods of time transformed the way I saw and appreciated everything around me. When my eyesight came back to me, my perception of everything became so vibrant and alive, urging me from deep within to interpret what I saw onto the canvas, and convert reality's visuals into art form.

My studies began in Barcelona with prestigious art and design teachers of exceptional exploratory minds and talents. I later moved to New York, and immersed myself in its provocative art scene, absorbing the energy and sense of experimentation of the American culture.

I navigate through different practices and forms of expression that encompass the chaotic alongside with the organised and calculated. Though I paint and design for myself, I seek for the engagement of the viewer as a participant in this experiential act, and because painting for me is like a joyous visual chess problem, I hope the viewer too, through the act of looking, is motivated and challenged to question and decipher the nature of art as a reflection of the external world, like an insightful window perceiving our own subjectivity.

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